Research Agenda

SRI's research teams have spent years analyzing the existing cryptocurrency research and blockchain platforms and see substantial needs for upgrading the research for the crypto infrastructure. Accordingly, SRI has structured its research agenda around the most pressing infrastructure needs for the crypto community and for decentralized commerce. Those central needs currently entail and are encapsulated by this research agenda:

  1. Stability - SRI recognizes that decentralized commerce necessitates a stable cryptocurrency and therefore created the mathematical models that enable such upgrades in the Semada Native Stable Cryptocurrency (SEM). See further

  2. Liquidity - A key component for a liquid cryptocurrency market is the bridge between existing capital markets and modes for capital formation and the evolving cryptocurrency market. SRI is partnering with key capital market players around the world to facilitate a liquidity engine for the evolving decentralized commerce.

  3. Utility - Through the combination of the Semada Native Stable Cryptocurrency (SEM), its liquidity platform, and based on its governance protocols, SRI is able to combine its stable currency SEM with utility functions. Utility and use cases of SEM are constantly evolving in different industry verticals.

  4. Governance - The evolution of decentralized commerce necessitates workable governance designs for blockchains. Socially optimal hardforking results in economic loss that is unsustainable. SRI uses its evolutionary governance protocol that removes the need for hardforking. See further