Core Values

The Semada Team and the members of the Semada Research Institute share the following core beliefs:

  • Freedom - means individual power and includes control of users’ personal info, individual security and privacy

  • Equity - means distributed equitable allocation of power

  • Collaboration for the common good - means improving power distribution by raising the power of the most individuals without harming the least powerful

  • Efficiency - means the ratio of the useful work performed by a human, machine, or process to the total energy expended

Creating and maintaining secure and meaningful reputation motivates productive collaboration in a decentralized economy by focusing members' actions toward improving their DAOs for the promise of future currency rewards. The enduring nature of reputation linked to the blockchain promotes transparent and fair power distribution to those who contribute to the common good of a DAO and away from those who detract from this common good or cause harm to the least powerful.

The purpose of encryption technology on the blockchain is to safeguard individuals’ digital sovereignty and power over their personal privacy. Superficial identifiers such as physicality, sex, gender, race, culture, language, location, or group identification, which have traditionally disenfranchised minorities, are less relevant in DAOs with pseudonymous geographically distributed members. This encourages more opportunities in business and serves the goal of just distribution of power, creating an efficient and responsive meritocracy.