Persona Protocol


In the Semada Platform, anonymous DAO memberships define the reputation of their members by the amount of tokens the members hold in the respective DAO. The more DAO tokens members own the more the DAO, the system, and the platform respect the DAO member. The token is based exclusively on meritocracy. Physicality, group identification, race, culture language etc. are relatively superficial identifiers and do not play the same role in Semada as they have society historically. Semada may be seen as a forum for meritocracy, providing the most honest valuation of individual actions and contributions to a DAO.

Figure 8: Figure 8 illustrates the respectively aggregated DAO memberships individuals on the Semada Platform may have that define their Self Sovereign Identity on Semada and ultimately the internet. In other words, Semada users are identified by their reputation scores in the respective DAOs they choose to become members of and participate in by staking their respective DAO reputations. Other commonly used identifiers such as social media provides, credit scores in centralized systems, etc., do not matter. The core identifiers are DAO token scores.

Different users may utilize such Persona Protocol Scores in different settings. The use cases for persona protocol scores are very wide ranging. Semada DAO scores are a conversation starter for people to engage with the platform and the individuals on the platform. For example, if person A has a very high reputation score in Semada Solidity Programming template Expertise tag / DAO, certain people will want to engage with person A just because of A’s Semada Score in the respective DAO. Over time, the Semada team will use the Semada reputation scoring to engage with and emulate existing social identity networks.

From a social justice perspective, the Semada Persona Protocol takes power and spreads it out much further to people who have no agency in the centralized systems. In the existing systems very few audits exist that derive from the community itself. In any Semada DAO, community audits are at the core.

To facilitate DAO member onboarding and enable fully verified external wallets, SRI is developing proprietary mobile biometrics technology that allows users to sign in with their biometrics into a particular wallet if they so choose. Semada uses zero knowledge proofs for its biometrics onboarding technology that guarantees continuing anonymity for users, once onboarded. User who wish to forego biometric identifiers via zero knowledge proofs on their mobile etc. devices can opt to become Semada DAO members in a completely anonymized way.